School Improvement Plan

Our vision:

We need to think big and proactively: we challenge the idea that schools can only focus on learning in some narrow way.

Schools are about welfare, social care and health, with a range of professionals working together. This is even truer for nursery schools.

We have a vision of working cross-sector to build a whole community approach to Early Years to secure that relevant services are provided in an integrated manner and bring significant benefits to our children and their families. We are willing “to act as a hub for our local community and leading the drive for increased quality in our local area” (Department for Education, An early years national funding formula, August 2016, p 37, paras 147 and 148).

We want to ensure that children experience ‘awe and wonder’ each day through meaningful and enriching learning experiences.



Hillview Nursery School is the only maintained nursery school in Harrow and has a very strong history of providing early education, care and support to children and their families in a most inclusive environment through the close partnership of the co-located Hillview Children’s Centre Hub (known as Early Support), special needs schools and other professional agencies. As part of Harrow’s SEND strategy to increase the number of SEND places in the Early Years we have an additionally resourced nursery provision for 12 children for children with complex needs.

Currently we have 102 children in attendance.  5 children are accessing 30 hours, and 12 have SEND.  4 of the SEND children have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCPs), 1 EHCP has been submitted to the local authority for consideration and 6 SEN children who have recently started in the nursery are beginning an SEN support plan.  We have 8 two-year-olds, 2 children are subject to a child protection plan, 2 children classed as Child in Need. (Nov 2021)


Children’s starting points

Children start at Hillview with varying levels of development, some of which 63% are significantly below the levels suggested by the age bands in Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage. In addition, we know from home visits that many children live in exceptionally overcrowded and sub-standard housing. Home visits tell us that some children have poor health, are under or overweight, and have limited experiences of outdoor play and early learning. Many (82%) of our children have English as an additional language.  Our core values include building on family strengths and believing that every child can become a more powerful learner with the right support.


Our school improvement plan (SIP) is effectively a plan of action to develop areas identified in the school’s self-evaluation. When conducting our self-evaluation, we assess processes against the key Ofsted judgements. This is designed to help us consider ways in which proactive leadership can have a positive impact on developing our school and improving outcomes for pupils.

The covid-19 pandemic has interrupted education for the majority of children; we must not allow this year to become a turning-point where all of the progress we have made in recent years will be undone. Therefore, when considering our actions for this year this school improvement plan will be different from the years before. It is also a ‘school recovery plan’ but will reflect our vison and values for all children at Hillview that we have always held. 


Any planning for learning will need to create opportunities for pupils to build their self-confidence and readiness to learn whilst at the same time allowing some of the children to cover any lost ground and build on their learning. 

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Classes with Huma have been so worthwhile! Huma has an amazing way of breaking things down so that they are understandable, and always keeping it light and fun,

Her lessons were engaging, useful, and she was very patient with Prince in class always encouraging Prince to try. Prince have learned so much in Nursery with Huma. She is patient and eager to help Prince always 

I would highly recommend Huma to anyone  who are in need of one to one support.


Thank you so much Huma for your love and support to Prince


Parents of Prince Patel