Home Learning helps to develop a partnership between parents and our nursery and actively involves parents in their child's learning. It allows children to share what they have been learning in the nursery with their parents. We encourage parents to read with their children and to support them with other activities that are sent home.

Pip and Posy read by Kashia
Gruffalo's Child 2 read by Linda
I wish I were a Pilot read by Linda
Whatever Next read by Linda
Gruffalo's Child read by Linda
A little story
A little story
Playdough Time!
Busy Feet with Linda!
cooking biscuits
Cooking with Chris!
Let's read together!
Reading with Kashia!
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If your child is currently self-isolating, then Eva, our Early Years Teacher, has prepared some activities in order for you to support your child’s learning at home. You can complete some or all of the activities depending on your child’s interest or understanding.

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Welcome  Yellow Group!

Welcome Red Group!